Mound 96

To the southeast of Borrow Pit 5-1 is a small but obvious mound located in Section 5W at grid coordinate S940W35; it is designated Mound 96. A low elevation is observable in the area. It was not noticeable in the 1960s because of the trees and brush growing in the area. However, in the 1970s, much of the brush was cleared, revealing a low rise. This low mound is probably associated with Mound 72 to the northeast; it may have been the location of a charnel house from which body remains were taken for burial. It should be tested to determine its man-made nature and possible association with Mound 72.

Summer 1998 Project

The Cahokia Mounds Museum Society has agreed to partially support Dr. Melvin Fowler, of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with his continue search for confirmation of another Woodhenge type structure in the area of Mound 72 and 96. He has had crews in the field for several seasons during the 90s and believes he has evidence to support his hypothesis for the existence of the post-circle monument.

The focus of this year’s project will be to examine basin type features beneath Mound 96 and others nearby. The length of the project depends on receipt of a grant from the National Science Foundation, but will start sometime in mid-June.