Mound 95

To the northeast of Borrow Pit 5-2 is a large mound that previous investigators have not numbered. It is designated Mound 95 on the UWM Map. The high point of Mound 95 is at 127.6 meters above sea level (418.6 feet). It is completely surrounded by the 127-meter (416.7-foot) contour line, though the mound is probably higher. Its exact base is not well defined by the contour line.

There is evidence from early aerial photos and surface debris that a structure stood on this mound in the 1920s. It is possible that this mound was created when modern buildings were constructed. However, the prehistoric pottery found on the surface and the nature of the elevation suggest that it is a prehistoric mound. Its association with a borrow pit as well as its location directly across the borrow pit from Mounds 61 and 62 also support this. This arrangement is very similar to that of Mound 93 and with Borrow Pit 5-4 and Mounds 67 and 68. They are almost mirror images of each other in their relationship to other mounds, borrow pits, and to the central portion of the Cahokia site.