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One of the greatest cities of the world, Cahokia was larger than London was in AD 1250. Learn more about this city by exploring our interactive map.

Due to the economic conditions of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, no funding is available for public outreach, community events, and marketing.  All of these activities are funded solely by the support group the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society.  

This GoFundMe campaign, organized by the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society, is to raise $15,995 to purchase a photo marketing kiosk to be housed in the lobby/Gift Shop where 250,000+ international and regional annual visitors can produce branded souvenir photos and share them via all social networks and email. 


Are you a Visitor or Teacher trying to Find Cahokia Mounds?

One of the greatest cities of the world, Cahokia was larger than London was in AD 1250.