Mound 67

Southeast of the largest borrow pit at the Cahokia site is another set of paired mounds similar to Fox and Round Top. Mound 67 seems to be the conical mound of the pair. Surprisingly, through time the various estimates of height for this mound have increased. The McAdams Map of 1882 gives a height of 10 feet (3.05 meters); the Thomas Map,15 feet (4.6 meters); and the Peterson-McAdams Map, 25 feet (7.6 meters). Using the 129-meter (423.2-foot) contour line as a base, the 1966 UWM Map shows a height of 6.2 meters (20.3 feet). Using the same base elevation, the north-south dimension is 52 meters (170.6 feet) and the east-west dimension 47 meters (154.2 feet). There are no published indications that any excavations were carried out in this mound, and there are no data about it other than its form, which suggests that it is similar to Round Top Mound.