Mound 50

This mound is one of a series (Mounds 50, 51, 54, and 55) running in a north-south line just to the southeast of Monks Mound. Aerial photographs and archaeological excavations (Anderson 1969) indicate that this row of mounds is just inside the north-south line of a palisade. Patrick recorded it as a relatively small, conical-shaped mound. The present contours are so different that they provide little but location.

Published reports indicate that no archaeological investigations were undertaken in Mound 50, although Moorehead (1929: 31) says: “Across the National Highway from Monks Mound are the estates of Mr. Cole, Mrs. Tippetts, and Mr. Wells. We did considerable work on Mr. Wells’ land in the vicinity of Mounds No. 50, 52, and 53.”

Although Patrick assigned the number 50 to this mound, Moorehead incorrectly interpreted this mound in his 1923 map (1923: 39) and assigned it a new number,75. However, in his 1929 version of the map, Moorehead labeled it Mound 50, reassigning 75 to a mound unrecorded on the Patrick Map.