Mound 40

Mound 40 was identified by Patrick as a small, conical mound located halfway between Mounds 39 and 41. However, there is confusion in the later maps regarding Mound 40. McAdams indicates neither a Mound 40 or 39. Thomas, though, shows a 5-foot (1.5-meter) mound considerably north of Mound 41, and on his map, it appears that Mound 40 and Mound 39 are placed considerably to the north of Monks Mound’s northern edge. I have already noted that the Thomas Map is not an accurate location map, but merely shows the relative relationship of the various mounds.

Moorehead’s 1929 map indicates four mounds in this area; from south to north they are Mound 41, Mound 40, Mound 77, and Mound 39. Since Moorehead’s map also is not one in which precise locations are noted, it is possible that Moorehead’s Mound 77 is Patrick’s Mound 40. It is also possible that what Moorehead indicates as Mound 77 is a mound not noted by Patrick. The Ramey Map shows this area with two small mounds between Mound 39 and 41, as does Moorehead. The 1966 UWM Map shows no mound contours between Mounds 30 and 41, but an elevation of 127.7 meters (419 feet) between the two mounds may indicate the location of Patrick’s Mound 40. Mound 40 is retained in the final mound enumeration since it is shown on the Patrick Map, the Moorehead Map, and there is some elevation data on the UWM Map. There is no record of any excavations in this mound, although Moorehead’s report indicates that a variety of excavations were conducted in its vicinity.