Mound 98 and 99

Close to Mound 97 are indications of two other mounds. Mound 98 is clearly indicated in the 1933 photos. It is enclosed by the 128-meter (419.9-foot) contour line and has a peak elevation of 128.3 meters (420.9 feet). It coincides with the location indicated by the early air photos. Northwest of Mound 98 the air photos show another probable mound, Mound 99.Today it is covered with structures and a small street.

Mounds 98 and 99 are near a depression that may be an aboriginal borrow pit. This well-defined depression is 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) deep. It is observable on the 1933 photos, but not on the 1931 USGS map. It should be examined and a test excavation made to determine if it is indeed a prehistoric feature.