Mound 90

At N154W1660 is a modern house on top of a mound-like structure. Superficially, it appears to be a very well-preserved mound upon which modern residents have built their house. It has been examined quite extensively, although the contours do not show up on the 1966 UWM Map. It does, however, appear very clearly on the 1930-1931 compilation for the USGS map. There are other houses in various subdivisions that are on somewhat lower mound-like elevations, and in most cases these elevations are the result of house construction. That is, soil removed when the foundations or the basements were excavated was mounded up around the foundation, creating a slight contour elevation. Most of these elevations do not appear to be of aboriginal origin, as they fit too neatly the pattern of the distribution of modern houses. Mound 90, however, is much larger than the others, and its location does not fit the modern construction pattern. Because of its size, location, and unique nature, it has been designated a mound.