Mound 63

The Patrick Map shows Mound 63 as a small, conical mound in the southernmost portion of the area he mapped. There is no indication of the height on the Patrick Map, nor is it indicated on the McAdams Map of 1882 or the Thomas Map of 1894. However, the Peterson-McAdams Map of 1906 shows a mound that probably is Mound 63 with a height of 6 feet (1.8 meters). The 1966 UWM Map, using a 128-meter (419.9-foot) contour as a base, shows a height of 0.5 meters (1.6 feet). The contours on the USGS map of the Monks Mound quadrangle show a contour line at 420 feet (128 meters) outlining Mound 63 and an elevation at the top of 423 feet (128.9 meters), suggesting that in 1930 the mound was at least 3 feet (0.9 meters) high, probably higher. Again, this area has been extensively cultivated and the mound probably reduced.