Mound 54

Mound 54 is indicated by a slight elevation in the subdivision southeast of Monks Mound. Patrick shows this mound almost equal in size to Mound 50 and part of the line of Mounds 51, 50,54, and 55. McAdams (1882) gives a height of 10 feet (3.05 meters), while Thomas (1894) indicates 8 feet (2.4 meters), and Peterson-McAdams (1906) only 5 feet (1.5 meters). By 1940, when excavations were carried out in Mound 55 just to the south and the map made for the subdivision, Mound 54 was so low that it was not noted on the land-survey map.

There is no direct reference to excavation in Mound 54, but apparently Moorehead did test in this vicinity and perhaps in the mound as well. In his earlier reports, Moorehead mistakenly numbered this Mound 74 but used Patrick’s original designation, Mound 54, in the later publication. In 1923 he noted:

This fall, the survey did not sink additional pits, but on Mrs. Tippetts’ estate, south of Monks, and on the adjoining property owned by Mr. Cole, and Mr. Wells, much work was done. Mr. Allen had leased land of Mr. Wells and he permitted us to work extensively with eight or ten men on an area lying 100 to 200 yards south of Mound 51. Here the village debris was as heavy as at any point on the Ramey lands. There were several low mounds (74, Mound 54, 75 [Mound 50], and 55). In Number 75 [Mound 50] much burnt clay was discovered, also lumps in which were impressions of reeds and sticks doubtless the walls of dwellings. [Moorehead 1923: 39]