NPS Meeting with Congressman Mike Bost

Congressman Mike Bost visited Cahokia Mounds yesterday to discuss the Bill he introduced in April to make Cahokia Mounds and surrounding Mississippian Complexes into a unit of the National Park Service.  The proposed Bill will designate Cahokia Mounds and the other complexes as ‘Cahokia Mounds Mississippian Culture National Historical Park.’ The Bill is currently at the Natural Resources Committee and is awaiting hearing by the Committee.  Currently, there is movement to have Cahokia Mounds designated a National Monument by President Biden, however, the letter to the President hasn’t officially been drafted and sent.  This could happen within the upcoming months if everything goes according to current plans. If the site is designated as a unit of the NPS or as a National Monument, what this looks like in terms of management remains to be seen as there are many steps that must take place following the designation to work through these logistics and it will likely be a lengthy process at best.