Exhibit Gets Much Needed Update

During the shutdown period our badly deteriorated outdoor mitigation porch received a facelift and a new sign. We received a generous donation to repaint and produce a sign for the outdoor feature exhibit. This area was inhabited by all four phases of occupation at the site beginning with AD 1050 through AD 1250. This is represented by four colors of paint as noted in the sign. The rectangles are where houses stood and the circular features are either pits or post holes. The oldest is the red or the ‘Lohman’ Phase. The sign also shows the difference in settlement pattern, house construction, and house size between the four phases. This exhibit was painted when the building was opened in 1989 and had not painted since (except for the blue which was updated by some volunteers about 5 years ago). There was no interpretive sign except for a foot-tall concrete block with a page on the front that was 30 years old and was no longer legible. This sign and the fresh epoxy paint is a huge facelift for the entrance of our building. It was so badly worn and weathered that about 75% of our visitors walked into it thinking it was the entrance to the building. Very proud of our team for improving this area of our facility!!