Deer Archery Hunting Changes to LOTTERY

The 2024/2025 Deer Archery Hunting season will change to a LOTTERY system. Ten bow hunters will be permitted to hunt the Cahokia Mounds designated hunting areas during each week of the season. Permit holders will be selected during a drawing held on June 3, 2024. Statewide hunting hours and regulations will be in effect, with the site specific regulations in effect and found on the Deer Hunt Application. The fact sheet and Deer Archery application can be found here:  

Download and complete the application and send to Cahokia Mounds, 30 Ramey St., Collinsville, IL 62234.  Applicants wanting to hunt with a partner must include the partner’s information on the same application. Hunters will be notified by mail. For questions contact Kevin at 618-304-2515.