Your Support Helps Sustain the Following

Community Outreach

  • These Annual Fund Drive proceeds will be used to extend our community outreach programs with projects like our new Children’s Guidebook for children 7-11, available for free in our gift shop, as well as to continue the current annual programming for 2019.
  • Over 3,000 people attend Archaeology Day and Kids Day. Both events educate about the site, archaeology, and the importance of cultural preservation.
  • Native American Culture Series, funded by a grant from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing, adds two cultural events to our annual calendar. These events increase awareness and break down stereotypes from the perspective of contemporary Native Americans.


  • The Annual Fund Drive supports research by providing funds for the annual public field school. In 2018 we expanded our understanding of Mound 34 as well as the northeast corner of the Palisade Wall. Geophysical work was conducted north of Mound 48 in an area thought to be the northwest corner of the Palisade Wall.

Land Acquisitions

  • The Annual Fund Drive enables CMMS to purchase parcels on the ancient site as they become available and deed them over to the site for preservation. Of the donations restricted for this use, 100% of them are used to acquire properties.


  • Keeping Cahokia Mounds relevant is a constant effort. Utilizing online advertising along with traditional approaches allows us to connect to a broad demographic and bring visitors to the site. All marketing efforts are fully funded with money raised by the society via dues, donations, and grants.

Make A Donation

Provide a one-time donation or continuing support for Cahokia Mounds with a recurring donation. As little as $5 per month will support our mission of preserving and interpreting Cahokia Mounds. For your one-time donation of $125 or more, or a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more, you receive this Cahokia Mounds T-shirt available only to Annual Fund Drive contributors.

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