Grossmann Cache of 70 Celts
The Grossmann Celt Cache discovered this summer (2001) near O'Fallon, Illinois, consists of 70 finely worked celts (ungrooved axes), including the largest one ever found in this region, at 18-inches long and weighing 25 pounds!

The cache was found complete, in its storage pit,just as the Native Americans left it approximately 1000 years ago. A tool kit of this size and weight implies communal construction projects, possibly of monumental proportions. It is likely that the stone of which this tool kit is made originated in Southern Missouri and it is being speculated that the tools themselves may have actually been fashioned at Cahokia. Archaeologists are excited by the implications that this discovery may have about the nature of the relationship between Cahokia and sites along its upland 'frontier.'

Susan Alt and Timothy Pauketat, who excavated the site, believe the cache may represent a ritual burial of the celts and that it was not just a storage cache. The celts are now on exhibit at The Interpretive Center.